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Dentine hypersensitivity: Superiority with Pro-Argin

New study: Significantly better pain relief

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Therwil, January 7, 2012 – elmex SENSITIVE PROFESSIONAL toothpaste leads to a superior reduction of dentine hypersensitivity (DHS) as compared to a commercially available toothpaste with strontium ions. This is the result of a new clinical trial with innovative study design, conducted by Schiff and co-workers in San Francisco, USA.
The randomized cross-over study ran as a double-blind clinical trial for 16 weeks with 123 adults suffering from DHS. The aim of the study was to compare the reduction of DHS between elmex SENSITIVE PROFESSIONAL (ESP) with Pro-Argin technology and the comparison product with strontium ions after twice daily brushing.
The participants were splitted in two groups. Group 1 started brushing with ESP while group 2 had to use the competitor product first. After week 8 the reduction of DHS was measured and the patients switched to the other product. After the end of week 10 and 16 additional measurements evaluated the DHS reduction both within and between the treatment groups.
The results showed that using ESP reduces DHS significantly after 8, 10 and 16 weeks. After 8 weeks a statistically significant improvement of 51.3 % in mean tactile DHS scores and 39.4 % in mean air blast DHS scores for ESP users relative to the competitor product users was measured. Switching from this one to ESP improved both mean tactile DHS and air blast DHS significantly: after two weeks by 35.2 resp. 29.9 % and after 8 weeks by 40.3 resp. 35.3 %. Conversely, DHS increased in the patient group switching from ESP to the product with strontium ions.
This new study further confirms findings from a variety of recent clinical studies in various study designs in comparison to strontium- (Li et al. 2011, Docimo et al. 2011) or potassium-containing toothpastes (Ayad et al. 2009, Docimo et al. 2009). elmex SENSITIVE PROFESSIONAL offers consumers suffering from DHS superior instant and lasting pain relief.

Schiff T et al. (2011) J Clin Dent 22 (4), special issue, 128-138

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